Si Vous Utilisez Chrome Sur Votre Ordinateur, Installez La Mise

As the most used browser on the internet, Chrome carries a lot of weight when it comes to the security measures it offers to users. These things need to be protected and it’s up to Google to ensure that security.

So, keeping track of your browser’s quality, Google has just released an important fix. Come and fix two major flaws in Chrome and prevent them from being exploited. This update is urgently required on your computer.

There are new security holes in Chrome

Chrome attacks and troubleshooting are fixed. Attackers want to find a way to steal user data, and given its exposure, this could be the perfect gateway to do so.

Therefore, in order to solve two serious flaws, Google has released a new version of its browser. Therefore, Chrome has an update that should be installed quickly, so that they do not have major security problems.

Google already has the solution to these problems

These two flaws, labeled CVE-2021-3800 and CVE-2021-38003, were not disclosed in detail by Google due to their accessibility and exploitability. Google wants to install the new version widely, to provide more information later.

However, there is information that the first failure is caused by “insufficient validation of an untrusted entry in the Intents resource.” In the second case, the description shows insufficient implementation in the JavaScript engine V8 for the Google browser.

Learn how to update your browser now

The new update is distributed to all users and should be installed immediately. They can check your presence by opening the Settings menu, then clicking “Help”, then “About Google Chrome”. It should be there and simply restart your browser.

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Besides these two new flaws, there are 13 fixes for zero-day vulnerabilities in Chrome. Google took care of these issues and responded to these issues quickly, releasing the updates needed to resolve them.


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