In a group of goals, Pachuca liquidation Club America 3-1

Los Tozos scored three points as a visitor in the match corresponding to the 6th, which was held at the Azteca Stadium. The goal for the locals was scored by Henry Martin (9’2T). While Nicholas Ibanez (27 minutes), Aviles Hurtado (39 minutes and 1 ton) and Victor Guzman (29 minutes and 2 tons) scored the goals outside the ground.

It was a game with many bugs and many interruptions. 3 of them have been warned: Bruno Valdez, Luis Chavez and Oscar Ostari.

Club America coach, Santiago Solari, arranged a 4-4-2 scheme on the pitch with Guillermo Ochoa in goal; Jorge Sanchez, Bruno Valdez, Jorge Meri and Luis Fuentes in the defense line; Miguel Laine, Richard Sanchez, Diego Valdes and Salvador Reyes in the middle; Henry Martin and Roger Martinez in attack.

For their part, those led by Guillermo Almada with a 4-3-3 strategy with Oscar Ustari stood under the three sticks; Kevin Alvarez, Gustavo Cabral, Miguel Tapias and Daniel Aceves in defence; Victor Guzman, Luis Chavez and Eric Sanchez in the midfield; Aviles Hurtado, Nicholas Ibanez and Romario Ibarra are in the lead.

The referee appointed for the match was Diego Montaño Robles.

The Eagles will visit Pomas Onam the next day, while the Tuzos will welcome Mazatlan at the Hidalgo Stadium.

The local team occupies the sixteenth place with 4 points and one victory, while the visitor has reached 13 units and occupies second place in the tournament.

Note and image source: DataFactory

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