Inflation hit 4.67% in March;  It is the highest level since December 2018 - El Financiero

The National Consumer Price Index (INPC) accelerated in March to a level 4.67 percent At an annual rate that exceeds that of Banco de México (Banxico), driven by soaring prices for energy, food, beverages and tobacco.

The above are represented Its highest level since December 2018, When it was set at 4.83 percent, according to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

Thus, inflation is above the target range set by Banxico (3 percent, +/- 1 percentage point).

The Basic price indexThe product that excludes products with high price volatility from accounting had an annual variance of 4.12 percent, the highest level since February 2018, when it scored 4.27 percent.

inside Prices for services It reached 2.30 percent at an annual rate, its highest level since October of last year, when it was 2.40 percent.

Rise in Goods’ prices It was 5.79 percent year-over-year, reaching the highest difference since December 2017. On that occasion it was 6.17 percent.

The Non-core balance, Which represents products with high volatility in their prices, such as agricultural products or fuels, rose to 6.31 percent.

In a piecemeal fashion, the Prices of agricultural products It amounted to 0.64 percent, while energy prices and tariffs authorized by the government provided an increase of 10.73 percent, compared to the same period last year.

At a monthly rate, the Economic inflation It provided a variance of 0.83 percent over the cited period, according to Inegi data.

High prices for air transport, lemons, eggs and tourism services

The most expensive products that had the greatest impact on inflation during the third month of the year were Lemon (25.41 percent); Air transport (22.12 percent); Tour services package (9.41 percent); an egg (8.05 percent), and Domestic gas LP (5.21 percent)

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Products that offered a reduction in their costs were Chayote (22.31 percent); nopales (10.82 percent); Poblano pepper (7.73 percent); Potatoes and other tubers (7.24 percent) and beans (2.94 percent).

By state, they were the ones that recorded the largest price increase Tlaxcala (1.27 percent); Chiapas (1.20 percent); Zacatecas (1.18 percent), and Durango (1.10 percent).


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