Insurance only for the idea of ​​unpollinated Austria

Lockdown only for citizens who have not been vaccinated against the coronavirus: It is the solution that Austria could adopt in the event of a new lockdown to stop coronavirus infection. This was stated by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who presented a television program on Orf, outlining his five-point plan against Covid.

First, he explained that the criterion of occurrence as a key indicator would be replaced by the criterion of bed occupancy in intensive care units: “In a phased plan, actions will be linked to achieving a certain employment rate.” She said. Then there will be no general closures: “If protection measures become necessary, they will not be at the national level, but are for unvaccinated people.” So, on the vaccine front, Curtis said he wants to “constantly use boosters,” and this is the third dose, highlighting the goal of “increasing readiness for vaccination.” Last but not least, to vaccinate people, “controls” must be strengthened: “There are more and more fake vaccination certificates in circulation.” Finally, the promise that schools will remain open and that there will be no return to distance learning.

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