It happened today, September 8, as Domenico Quirico exclaimed: “It’s as if I lived for five months on Mars, and Martians are bad.”

Wednesday, September 8, 1993
Tension in Inichim Croton: 333 workers threatened with dismissal barricaded themselves in the factory, and the police guarded the factory after clashes, tear gas, stone throwing, and phosphorus fires that caused toxic clouds to appear. Processions They closed the streets and the workers’ wives and children occupied the city hall offices and the train station. A few days after the signing of the peace agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, the Israeli right took to the streets, 300,000 to the organizers, and 100,000 to the police, to object to the agreement. “Rabin, sell to the Palestine Liberation Organization” was the most screaming slogan.

Steven Spielberg’s Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the 50th Venice Film FestivalCrowded to attend a screening of his latest film “Jurassic period garden“, which receives applause and boos. Cortina d’Ampezzo does not feel appreciated by the Veneto region and wants to move to Alto Adige. A referendum is scheduled for May 1994 (actually the referendum could have been held in October 2007, with the yes votes winning, but still today the municipality of Cortina is Venetian lands).

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Domenico Kirico, A La Stampa reporter who was kidnapped in Syria on April 9 has been released. “It’s as if I lived on Mars for five months. And I discovered that the Martians are bad. Only today did I find out who the new President of the Republic is. In captivity? They didn’t treat me well,” he announced immediately upon his arrival in Ciampino.
During the 125th plenary session of the International Olympic Committee in Buenos Aires Tokyo has been chosen as the venue for the XXXII Summer Olympics and the XVI Summer Paralympics. The Japanese capital beat Istanbul, and the result paves the way for Rome’s bid to host the 2024 Games, but Milan is also presenting itself as a venue.

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Nine crew members of the Gold Star, a Tanzanian-flagged ship, set fire to 30 tons of cannabis resin when they saw the Guardia di Finanza boats. The men who tried to escape by jumping into the sea were arrested. The event took place in Capo Passaro.

According to Edward Snowden, the US National Security Agency (NSA) has the ability to access, without having to go through operators or manufacturers, the data contained in any Apple, Android and Blackberry smartphone.


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