Japan, the driver goes to the bathroom and the train is 1 minute late: the investigation is opened

Driver left to drive to an inexperienced colleague: It happened along the road between Atami and Mishima, the country’s busiest

All the way between Atami and Mishima – The 36-year-old driver, according to the JR Central operator, let the “Shinkansen” train at 150 km per hour with 160 passengers on board, under the supervision and direction of someone who did not have an appropriate license. It happened on Sunday May 16 along the road between Atami and Mishima, one of the busiest areas in the country, in Shizuoka Prefecture, south of the archipelago.

What the regulation offers – The railway operator informed the Ministry of Transportation about what had happened, describing it as a violation of government law, and in all likelihood, the driver and his assistant would be punished. The department in question was created specifically for the so-called bullet trains, which travel at a speed of up to 285 kilometers per hour. According to the regulation, a driver who has health problems while driving has the task of informing the operations center, and the obligation to stop at the next stop if there is no other person on board to pass the order.

Delays in the road map – The violation of the regulation appeared after the operator found a one-minute delay in the schedule, and a subsequent photo of the convoy cabin indicated that the driver was absent from the cabin. The driver claimed at first that he was suffering from abdominal pain and did not remember what had happened, and finally admitted that he “did not want to cause passengers to be delayed, and to stop at the next stop”.

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