Kevin beats Bucks in Torrent Game 5, giving the Nets the lead in the series

Clever! Kevin Durant unveiled an amazing performance on Tuesday that will mark a milestone in the already successful career of the Brooklyn Nets winger. The fourth quarter included 20 points, including 49 points (16 off 17 shots), 17 rebounds and 10 assists, all in the 48 minutes of the Eastern Conference semifinals, a two-time Brooklyn victory over two-time NBA champions Milwaukee (114-108). Brought. Leads the Nets series (3-2) before Game 6 on Thursday in Wisconsin.

Torrent leads the way for the Nets’ comeback

However, Steve Nash’s players went down badly in this crucial match (2-2) after two wins at home to Milwaukee. The Bucks led the first half (59-43, at the break) with a 17-point lead at the heart of the third quarter. While James Horton was far from his best (played 1 of 10 shots but eight assists and 46 minutes), Kevin Durant but seven three point baskets (out of eight) gave Jeff Green the lead in the second half. With exceptional time and in the fourth quarter, Giannis outscored Antoine Ounpo (34 points, 12 rebounds).

They went eight minutes ahead for the first time, but it took another record from the turret against Chris Middleton in the long run and fifty seconds late.

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“He is currently the best player in the world”

Kevin’s Antonio ounpo on Kevin Torrent

« After all the injuries he has to do, he returns to this position after a hamstring strain, a testament once again that he is the best player in the world Jeff Green, his teammate who was a lieutenant one night (27 points), was considered to make up for James Horton’s small contribution. ” He is now one of the best players in the world, one of the greatest scorers in history, and we as a team must oppose him, forcing him to take tough shots like tonight. (Here) Hope he misses them », Giannis Antedo oun Poe commented as if he had weakened the attacking machine Kevin Durant (4 out of 7 with three points) who missed only twenty-seven shots. I think James Horton will now be included in the equation …


Kevin is involved in 74 of the 114 points scored by the Torrent Nets (65% of the total) with his 49 points and 10 assists.


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