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This Monday RAE He announced at a meeting in Madrid the development of Draft Spanish Language and Artificial Intelligence (LEIA), Which consists of awarding a certificate to artificial intelligence machines what or what Speak Spanish correctly as a human being.”

“When RAE rest assured that Machines use our tongue like a human who deals with the Spanish language, with financial solvency, aspires to give certificates of good use of the language and will prove that the linguistic standards of this house have been met.” Santiago Muñoz Machado, Director of RAE, At the meeting held on Monday in Madrid, regarding the project to ensure that Artificial intelligence Develop Spanish language proficiency.

In addition to RAE, companies that use artificial intelligence, such as Microsoft, Telefonica, Amazon and Google.

“We pretend that the AI ​​speaks Spanish and that it speaks it well, Muñoz Machado, director of RAE, later confirmed that “it’s hard for us to enforce it on machines, but We want to convince companies to use the tools RAE has to train machines And he made them speak according to this law.”

General Manager of Artificial Intelligence Microsoft Corporation, David Carmona, He asserted that the Spanish language’s moment in artificial intelligence “could not be more perfect”, because we are currently living نعيش “Moment of digital transformation”.