Biden's temptation, Beijing Chronicle Games District

“I began my visit to Brussels to push for the sixth EU sanctions package against Russia, which should include an oil embargo.” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba writes on Twitter. “I will also focus on supplying other weapons and granting Ukraine the status of an EU candidate. We believe that Ukraine deserves individual and merit-based evaluation,” he added.

Italy presents itself to the European Union today with three priorities: achieving peace in Ukraine, capping gas prices, and food security. This was stated by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio in Brussels to the Foreign Council of the European Union. “The EU should agree to a cap on gas prices as soon as possible before it is too late, that is, before prices get out of control and further affect homes and businesses.” “Italy does not use its veto, we want to agree to the sixth sanctions package as soon as possible because sanctions are the only peaceful tool available to us to bring Putin to the diplomatic table,” he added. This was stated by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio in Brussels to the European Foreign Council. The Farnesina president added: “It is clear that EU rules must be reformed, overcoming the principle of consensus, so that only one country, in this case Hungary, does not impede decisions.”

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