Laurent Travers (Race 92 Manager):

Laurent Travers (Race 92): “When we see the quality of the opposing team we can improve our performance. Spectators or spectators, I think we have seen a lot of races and games with a lot of commitment. We are also aware that there were players missing in Toulouse. We also had some injuries, but when you see the quality of the Toulouse game Tonight, there’s something you have to feel good about. We knew it was the team that wanted to put in power and speed, we had to be a team of scavengers, but also provocateurs who were able to play. Because these recovered balloons would allow us to put our game in place or fend off their attack. .

At 10-0, there are times when we might panic. But we felt a great mastery and desire in the state of mind. So we had holes in the racket with the game that Toulouse gave, but despite that the players did what was necessary to deliver or catch up. Even in the last actions, two or three meters from our line, we were able to put them in the wrong, so that we could thwart their attacks. From there, this match is positive in terms of content and state of mind and you only need to see how many players have cramps on each side to realize the mileage and intensity. “


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