League of Legends Season 12: Patch Notes, New Features...

Changes to Dragons, New Champions and Global Balance: Here’s what League of Legends Season 12 has in store for us in 2022!

Shortly before Worlds 2021, Riot Games is continuing its tradition of launching the pre-season with some drastic first changes, before fully refining it over the next few months so that the new League of Legends Season 12 becomes square. Here are the (many) changes planned!

League of Legends: Season 12 revealed

The first video showing the reasons for such changes, and patch arm length. This is how Riot Games revealed the new features waiting for LoL players soon! Those looking for changes will be presented with: Season 12 is described as not the start over, but the sequel.

Get out of the massive turmoil as was the case with the arrival of new dragons and the map . summoner rift scalable. League of Legends Season 12 aims to be along the same lines, with in-depth, if not unheard of, mechanics.

  • Discover the first changes announced later in the article!

LoL Season 12: New Heroes, Meta and Balance

The biggest part will be the addition of the hero moodinessEasier to handle than the studio recently gave us. more complex like AvleusAnd moodiness It will be based on a simple design and intuitive mechanics.

However, all the other heroes are in the list League of Legends He will be the winner in season 12. Already, Global Balance has been announced Allow to double roles and exit Meta Top/Jungle.

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So the wizards will have new items and the map can have a little more targets in the middle. For example, scavengers can no longer go very far towards the top and bottom, but rather stay long in the middle of the bush in order to open up the possibilities for early game encounters.

Riot Games

New Dragons and Negative Effects on Demand

In season 12, dragons will be more important than they are now. This will give a new perpendicular to the map since now, having a dragon will sometimes be more interesting than Baron Nashur.

Elemental dragons are: Infernal, Cloud, Mountain and Ocean for two seasons. In Season 12, Riot Games adds Two components, Hextech Dragon and Techno-Chemical Dragon.

Dragon Hextec:

  • Attack speed and skill acceleration.
  • The dormant dragon’s soul is that the player’s attacks generate a bolt of lightning that hits multiple targets, increases damage, and applies a sluggish effect.
  • The selective change is that portals appear in the forest and allow teleportation.

Alchemy Tech Dragon:

  • Players now take damage based on lost health.
  • Negative dragon spirit is that players, when they die, are revived for a few seconds (Zion style).
  • Disguise areas in the forest appear on the map!

Enough to give teams very important goals throughout the match. The desire is expressed: avoiding fifty-minute games and preferring fast and brutal domination, Although balancing concerns about Some heroes considered it ‘too easy’ snowball.

Riot Games

League of Legends: Season 12 and its new items

The store will welcome its share of changes. Two new mythical things And 3 legends will arrive.

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Among the legendary:

  • An item for killers with reduced cooldowns
  • An item for mana tanks, which will grant mana based on health
  • An item for mages that allows canceling enemy shields with an additional magical penetration!

And also discover the most cheated item in the history of the game! He’ll talk to veterans…

League of Legends season 12 latest changes: Runes, new modes…

To wrap up this long list of novelties planned for the upcoming season of MOBA, find out Inspiration branch des Runes will undergo major changes (ridiculous picking rate). The redesign is still not clear, but it will help balance the options.

The new Runes system has been around since Season 8 and a branch has never been unanimous because its in-game identity has remained unclear compared to other options. If the changes made are well welcomed, Riot Games is paving the way for a more comprehensive acquisition of Runes!

Then, in bulk, the last small rewards for S12:

  • New challenges that will let you “play for fun” and not grind for LPs
  • temporary game mode Ultimate Grimoire, where you play a role with another hero, with more options than before
  • The reward system has been revised to be more efficient
  • new emotions
  • new banners


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