Laeticia Hallyday reçoit un clin d’œil étrange sur la tombe de Johnny !

Sandra Sisley visits Saint-Barthélémy Island where Johnny is resting, and sends a strange video clip to her friend Laeticia Hallyday.

Sandra Sisley has good weather and a beach on Saint-Barthélémy Island. Then the famous actor’s companion goes at johnny’s grave She sends a strange video to her friend, Leticia Hallyday. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

strange picture

In a day Friday 16 July 2021Leticia Hallyday feeds her Insta Story with a new unreleased video. And thousands of his fans are delighted!

follow Their idol’s activity With as much attention as possible on a daily basis, looking for new little nuggets. And for once, there are often.

But this time it’s not a video shot by Johnny’s widow. She shares the little moment that Her friend Sandra Sisley Send it!

In fact, he is the companion of famous actor Tomer Sisley Currently on the island of Saint Barthelemy. Unsurprisingly, she then went to the rock star’s grave.

A momentous moment she decided to share her Insta story, but above all, with Johnny’s widow. Thus it presents A majestic view of the tomb of the deceased.

Then Internet users discover A place lit by many lights Red and yellow. There are also a lot of flowers and decorations.

I am glad to discover where the great French music star lies, The audience is amazed by these many tricks.

I must say that It is very colorfulContrasted with the atmosphere of traditional cemeteries. But it sticks really well to Johnny’s fiery personality!

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Far from his relatives and fans, the famous singer continues to shed light on them. MCE TV tells you More about Leticia Hallyday !

Leticia Hallyday on Instagram

Very active on social networksLeticia Hallyday is the delight of her thousands of fans. However, netizens did not have enough time to get bored.

Between small moments with loved ones, Tribute to her late husband, great photos and unpublished ads, there is something to have a good time.

As a result, Jade and Joey’s mother has no less than 460,000 followers on InstagramOne of his favorite platforms. Yes, you heard it.

And so it looks One of the most famous French starsImpressive and inspiring at the moment. And she intends to continue talking about it.

Several months ago, she showed her happiness this way Along with the handsome Jalil Lispert. They live on a little cloud and aren’t planning to go down any time soon.

Their Insta profiles are overflowing with pictures together! there is no doubt, They love each other more than anything else. But Leticia Hallyday doesn’t forget Johnny just yet.

There are also many pictures of him with him very touching messages. In this way, the beautiful 46-year-old blonde brings her memories back to life.

Let’s take a look at Sandra Sisley’s famous video!