Lig 1. The Greens continue in Troy

The Greens are certainly still in 19th place, but they are still going strong. After their first home win against Clermont (3-2) before the break, they finished second in the Trojans thanks to a Draco missile (0-1). Claude Poole’s players are just one point away from 15th place in Bordeaux. Yet the pre-match scenes did not inspire confidence.

Column then cross

In the last minute of Bouanga’s illness, Claude Puel made six changes in the opening XI, the 14th defense in several matches. Some were restrained, while others voluntarily returned Aouchiche as the most offensive set holder. If the former Parisian does not truly believe again, after thirty minutes of being interrupted by the advances of Dingom and Gabor, the Stephanoys gradually put their grip on the crowd. Without being rewarded for their purposes, or succeeding in positions.

But if there was nothing to criticize Nordin’s comeback on the right side of the gallon, Grosso could have sent Mason’s cross behind rather than tackle the ball on the crossbar and in the same minute (29th). In the history of pronouncing the grief of the Greens, Boudebouz deflected the Trojan bar gallon (38th) on the full axis with a free kick. And Nordin, again, in the miracle of the Trojan Keeper’s glove coil strike (56).

A Draco mine

You have to be patient. At this time wait for the Trucco mine (61st) 25 meters from a gallon.

Nordin’s head-to-head (73rd) defeat, which could have been a knockout goal, raises some concerns. But Kasri’s team, finally playing, will have the shock like a decisive green in a point-blank save. For the first time this season they have not scored a goal.

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A solid, backed by Trojan ugly, which greatly illustrates the renaissance of greens.


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