Lukaku was involved in the goal of liberation, winning over Inter Milan against Cochlear

Inter Milan beat Cochlear (1-0) in Serie A match Day 30. The Interts came up against a very organized Sardinian team that showed a much better face than it was in the rankings (18th). Romelu Lukaku, Tenure in the next one phaseAlexis Sanchez, Ultimately contributed to the purpose of liberation Neurosurgery. In the 77th minute, Belgium gave a pivot ball Agraf Hakimi, Loaded a few minutes ago, which served Matteo Dormian For the start of the score. The eruption of collective joy from the players testified to the relief felt in this trap match. Antonio Conte could not contain his joy and joined his players for a better collective warm-up. Depressed at the end of the game, Inter continue their sixth consecutive win in Serie A. In more detail, 33 out of 33 in Milan have signed on to a dictatorship. International are heading to their first Italian league title since 2010, which will put an end to Juventus’ long dominance of nine consecutive titles.

On the other side of the field, Raja Ningolan Provided a good crowd. The Sardinians will need a little miracle to get out of the relegation spots: 5 points separate Torino, the last team saved, from the first threatened team Cochlear.

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