Manchester City and De Bruyne drop valuable points at Crystal Palace as the title race heats up with Liverpool

By failing to find the fault against Crystal Palace (0-0), Manchester City saw their lead over Liverpool fade away on Monday at the end of the 29th day.

After the Reds beat Brighton on Saturday (2-0), the defending champions are only 4 points ahead of their unbeaten chaser.

This meeting, Liverpool will play on Wednesday, at Arsenal and the gap could only be one point, while the growing attraction between Manchester City and Liverpool looms on the 32nd day.

Crystal Palace may be in eleventh place with just 34 points, but Patrick Vieira’s men became the first team this season to not score a goal from Citizens, after their final (2-0) win, at the end of October, over Al Ittihad. .

The Eagles are the second team to run a season in the Premier League without scoring a goal from City since Pep Guardiola took over after Manchester United last season.

As usual with Sky Blue, the game often turned into an offensive defense as Pep Guardiola’s men attempted an infinite number of offensive variations to break through the opposite wall.

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Oftentimes, over the course of 90 minutes, a buildup of waves ends up winning the decision, but not this time.

Neither the brilliant kick from Kevin De Bruyne on a bell-shaped ball by Joao Cancelo (26), which hit the crossbar by Vicente Guaita, nor a shot from Cancelo himself, two minutes later, which came to smash it to the post, did not hit the mark.

A pivotal kick from KDB was also blocked by the amount, before Riyad Mahrez sent his recovery more than (56).

And there was also such a midfield from Jack Grealish that Bernardo Silva, who threw himself one meter from the goal, did not deviate enough to cross the ball to the line (71).

With more skill, accuracy or composure in the last or penultimate gesture, Palace could undoubtedly have done better in this match.

And who knows? Perhaps that unsatisfactory point on Monday night at the final whistle will turn into one that will eventually make the difference for a city.


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