( – A setback for “Grello” in the 24-hour race at Nürburgring 2022! Manthey Porsche # 1 (Christensen / Estre / Makowiecki / L. Vanthoor) was sent to the final of the first starting team due to a speed bump in the second qualifying round.

Manthey Porsche “Grello” in Nürburgring Nordschleife

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This means that the current champions face the biggest race to catch the race. According to Monte, the car will not participate in the first qualifying round on Friday evening due to a fine.

The sea News from those in charge The incident took place at 10.32pm on Thursday night. The yellow flags were hoisted twice on one side of the track at a speed of 137 km / h. The maximum speed in this area is 120 km / h.

Several participants were convicted of a similar offense after the second qualifying session. With the exception of Manthey Porsche, Walkenhorst BMW # 100 (Walkenhorst / F. Von Bohlen / Breuer / Ziegler) suffered from a superior SP9 class.

Similar fines previously imposed on sister car # 102 # 102 (J. Müller / M. Von Bohlen / Tuck / Schmidt-Staade) Overview of racing managementg No longer open at night.

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