Mon Petit Placement compte 8.000 clients pour un total de 30 millions d'euros sous gestion.

Posted on Nov 16, 2021 at 9:30am

“To move the French from the status of savers to that of investors,” this is the case The motivation behind Mon Petit . mode , which has just raised 6 million euros including 4 in the capital. The retail investment platform hosts French innovation fund Tech Seed, which is attracted by a high-performance digital environment that supports “personal support that combines proximity and education,” says Emmanuel Audouard, director of venture capital at bpifrance.

The Lyon-based digital “pure player” startup is democratizing financial investing with a low entry ticket of €300, ready-to-use products and a very simple interface in the midst of financing. Incubated at Hub612, the fintech incubator in Caisse d’Epargne, it took twenty-eight months to cross all the barriers of approval and convince some twenty funds to open their doors to it: heavyweights like Apicil and Generali, stars – Rothschild, JP Morgan or Lazare – and more. Thematic representatives such as Pictet and Mirova.

30 million under management

The commercial offer, launched in February 2020, has attracted 8000 clients with a total of €30 million under management. Typical profile: initial investment of 2500€, then monthly payments of 220€. 90% of registrars set up a direct discount that “results in a snowball effect on sales volume, which will approach one million at the end of the year,” defines president and founder Thomas Perrett. The young company gets paid for the performance of its portfolios, from 4.63 to 21.21% over the past twelve months, and from the funds as a business provider.

The four products available are rated according to their level of risk, from voluntary to daring, and are audited quarterly by a panel of six contributors — all of whom are financial experts. “Our algorithm automatically selects 15 funds for each portfolio, but it is we who compose the final portfolio, reduced to five,” said the manager, a former investment analyst at Natixis in New York.

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Consultants accompany clients to distribute their stake in the four baskets according to individual strategies. Which can be supplemented with ‘impact’ thematic placements, health, employment, technology, climate, recovery, depending on affinities. The relationship is digital but personal, with initial contact by video conference, then a fifteen-minute semi-annual meeting and a quarterly educational newsletter.

artificial intelligence

Mon Petit Placement targets individuals, such as the retail bank from which it draws its inspiration for closeness. “But it differs from it by not offering risk-free products, by its economic model without fixed costs and by its privileged positioning: we make available high-end products intended for wealthy private bank customers,” claims Thomas Perrett.

Fundraising should make it possible to strengthen a team of 40 people with more senior profiles and fund the acquisition of new clients. “Profitability depends on volume to compensate for the small tickets for the goal,” continues the director.

Hence the third issue: technological optimization of the platform by artificial intelligence “in order to maintain a convergence experience for the user despite the size. We must discover the moment when the automatic creation of content is no longer sufficient and when humans have to take charge of the support, to devote our vital forces wherever it is That’s appropriate.”


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