New Storm on Eric Zemmour:

Not a day goes by with the candidate of the French sovereign right, Eric ZemmourDon’t talk about yourself. The polemic, speaking at a rally in southern France on Friday afternoon, spoke again on the topic of school and education, proposing the creation of dedicated institutes for students with disabilities. The statements that clearly provoked controversy in a hornet’s nest at a crucial moment of the election campaign. The national candidate explained,To think that we really need specialized institutions, except for people with mild disabilities of course“.”For the rest – he added – I think the obsession with inclusion hurts children and teachersIn recent days, Zemmour has proposed returning the schoolyard and ending primary school English teaching: a vision of an all-round identity for all that former columnist Dee le FigaroWho based his election campaign on the issue of French identity.

School for handicapped children, the storm is on Zemmour

Saturday, Minister of Disability Sophie Closel swipe on twitter zesmer defines”PitifulHis statements.I am very angryHe stressed, explaining that the vision of the candidate of the sovereign right is a vision.poor“so”exclusive“Disability”.It’s complicated of course, but France is really honored to be able to teach these kids with others, among others “And on his part Zamour, As mentioned le FigaroHe responded to the controversy with condemnation.Lyingand thehypocrisy“From his opponents made it clear that he had been misinterpreted.”emphasis – He said Saturday morning, after sparking another controversy – There are cases where placing them in a natural structure is a good thing because it allows them to progress and socialize. Then there are other, real, more numerous cases than is said in which the pain of these handicapped children is. I meant that I didn’t want the obsession with inclusion depriving us of the need for specialized institutions‘, she continued.

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But the partial shift didn’t help much. Republican Representative Leader, DamienabadHe himself is disabled and denounced the comments.”scandal“Zemur and”Separation on all floorsHis political vision.Yes – Observed –We must be obsessed with inclusivity. I apologize publiclyBut the French polemicist also drew criticism from right-wing opponents. Marine Le Pen, candidate National Assembly – What a challenge Hosom for a place on the ballot – He knew “unforgivablethe will of his direct opponent”attacking the most vulnerable children with disabilities” While communist candidate Fabian Russell said:indignant at the suggestion, compared toapartheid societyGaullist candidate Valerie Pecres explained, on the sidelines of a trip to Greece, that her political project includes more.Inclusion of vulnerable children“stigmatize”brutalityFrom the statements of the national candidate, harsh criticism from the left of Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

Angry reactions from the guild world: “He wants to separate”

Zemmour’s controversial statements about disabled students provoked angry reactions from the trade union world dealing with disability. As mentioned le Figaro, National President of the Association for Adults and Youth with Disabilities, Jean-Louis Garcia, on pfmf The words of the far-right candidate such as “in favor of the chapter‘, while the head of Sos autisme France, Olivier Catin, said that it was”indignant“for specific comments”AdvantagesPresident of the Association for Disability in Public and Private Policies (APHPP), Matthew Anero, and emphasized that “The exclusion of 12 million people with disabilities in France proposed by Zemmour is very disgustingA decisive misstep by Zemmour could cost him dearly in terms of the polls as he plays a seat in the polls with Marine Le Pen and Valérie Pécress to challenge the outgoing president, Emmanuel Macron, who currently has a clear advantage in the polls over all others.

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