Nice - Algeria: Galtaire responds to Belmadi in the Delort case

The OGC Nice coach did not appreciate what the Algeria coach had to say about his attacker.

Delorte’s opera has caused a lot of ink to flow in recent days. Transferring from Montpellier to Nice this summer, Andy Delors has given up the Algerian selection. The OGC Nice striker announced his choice of coach, and decided to take a one-year hiatus to devote himself to his team. Inevitably, Djamel Belmadi did not miss it and criticized him on several occasions. In a press conference on Friday, Christoph Galtier responded to the Algeria coach, defending his striker Andy Delors.

Algeria: Delort explains his withdrawal from the selection

“Djamel Belmadi, I knew him when he was a player, he was already excessive. Yesterday, I still found him very excessive. Let him take care of his team and let us work calmly. […] We are creating an unhealthy and dangerous atmosphere around OGC Nice. Blame the club dishonest. It’s all too easy to say the gym doesn’t want to send its players to pick.”Christoph Galtier said.

This Thursday, at RMC, Djamel Belmadi snagged Andy Delors: “I said word for word what Delort wrote but we call people. We say it to the face. It is a decision fraught with meaning. He should have addressed himself first to the press and the Algerian people. To say that he is going to put the national team in brackets and that he prefers the club because there is competition.. He talks to me about The competition in Nice but he doesn’t accept what is there.. Is the national team? (…) Back to the national team? It’s the biggest joke of the year, such a horrible thing. Either it’s great stupidity or tension has no limits. We don’t accept that. “

Delort has to give up Algeria

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“We will play under 40 degrees in Niger, in horrific conditions at times in World Cup qualifiers, in a virtual hell and when it is all over, the man comes back as a little bride? Respect. Without balancing, I spoke with the sports director of Nice (Julian Fournier), who called me “We tell the players that we don’t want to choose them,” he said, whether in Atal (Algeria) or Limina (Gabon).Algeria coach added.

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Nice: Andy Delort is a big fan of Christophe Galtier

“He has no right, these are FIFA dates. It is disgusting what they do morally. They do not respect the countries and the African continent, but if it is only verbal, they do what they want. I do not like what they do.” Ness Soleimani asked and Fournier offered him the same and he said Soleimani “not even in a dream.” Two weights, two scales. Everyone puts their love for their country in the index they wantI concluded with my past.

The message is clear for Djamel Belmadi. After his decision, Andy Delors will not play again in the Algerian national team shirt, at least as long as Djamel Belmadi will be on the bench at the Desert Foxes. The 30-year-old striker must focus fully on OGC Nice in order to be as efficient as possible and establish himself as a key element in Christoph Galtier’s starting line-up.


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