Nigeria, catholic church attack: 50 victims, many of them children

The attack surprised everyone. While most of Nigeria grapples with security concerns, including Islamic extremism, the Ondo region has been known to be one of the most peaceful in the country. “We cannot tolerate concealment of the truth. On Pentecost and in Nigeria it was a massacre. Going to church, attending mass knowing you can die. Axe, indignant, pray for these brothers of ours!” This is how the papal institution attaches aid to the church in need on the attack on the church in southwestern Nigeria, and publishes in a tweet a picture bearing witness to the massacre.

The Nigerian army, which is facing difficulties, is engaged on several fronts in an effort to stem the insecurity in the country. A jihadist uprising erupted 12 years ago in the northeast, with groups of thieves and kidnappers terrorizing the northwest and center, while the southeast is the scene of separatist movements.

The Archdiocese denies the kidnapping of the priest –

And some media reported that “all the priests in the parish are fine now, and no one has been kidnapped.” The illustration comes from the Nigerian Diocese of Ondo. Bishop Mgr. Jude Ayodegi Aragondad, present on the spot and asking “to remain calm and pray that peace and normalcy return to society,” reads a note from the diocese under attack on Pentecost. .

Priest’s story: “The Mass was about to end and then Hell” –

One of the priests of the St. Francis Catholic Church where the massacre took place, Father Andrew Abiomi, told the BBC that the terrorists struck as the religious service was about to end. “We were about to finish the service. I even asked people to start leaving, and at that moment we started hearing shots coming from different parts,” the devout said. “We hid inside the church,” said Father Abyumi, repeating that “some people had left when the attack happened. We locked ourselves in the church for 20 minutes. When we realized they had gone, we opened the church and took the victims.”

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At least 5 armed men –

I was passing by when I heard a loud explosion and gunshots inside the church.” A witness to the attack in the church recounted the story, claiming that he saw at least five armed men inside the church before fleeing for safety. It has not yet claimed responsibility for the attack. State Police spokesman Ibokun Odonlami, they attacked the church with firearms and explosives.

Pope: “I pray for the victims and for all of Nigeria” –

The Pope learned of the attack on the church in Ondo, Nigeria, and the killing of dozens of believers and many children during the celebration of Pentecost. As the details of what happened are clarified, Pope Francis prays for the victims and for the country, painfully affected at the moment of celebration, entrusting both to the Lord, to send his soul to comfort them.

President Mohamed: We will not surrender to evil –

Nigerian President Muhammadu condemned the massacre of believers at St. Francis Catholic Church in Oo, declaring that “this country will never succumb to evil and evil and darkness will never prevail over light. In the end, Nigeria will triumph.” Punch’s website reported, citing a statement from its employees.


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