Obama, Bush, Clinton and Carter are campaigning for immunization in the video

In two videos released online on Thursday, former U.S. leaders filmed the vaccination, asking Americans to do the same and ending the epidemic.

In two public service videos released online on Thursday, four former U.S. presidents are urging people to get vaccinated. Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama remind us of the dangers of Govt-19 and the “need to end this epidemic quickly.”

“This vaccine is synonymous with hope,” Barack Obama said. “He will protect you and protect those you love.” “To get rid of this epidemic, it is important for our fellow citizens to be vaccinated,” George W. Bush said. “We’ve lost enough people, we’ve done enough damage,” Bill Clinton said.

“This is yours”

In the very sober first video, Barack Obama, George W. Bush. Only Bush and Bill Clinton stand Memory amplifier Arlington Cemetery, Virginia, which hosts official ceremonies Memorial Day, Paying tribute to fallen American soldiers, and Veterans Day.

The second alternately presents four former presidents and shows them being vaccinated with their comrades. Jimmy Carter, 96, and weakened by several serious health issues, only appears in photos.

The spoken text is more or less the same in both clips, its motto “This is yours“In French,” playing is yours “or” it’s up to you. “

Bill Clinton declares that he wants to “go to work and go around” and that Barack Obama is eager to see Michael’s mother. [Obama, sa femme], Hug her and see her on her birthday “and George W. Bush wants to return to the Texas Rangers (baseball team) ground, full of the general public.

Donald and Melania Trump, who are largely absent

Former President Donald Trump did not participate in the campaign. The newspaper questioned Reuters A spokesman for the Advertising Council – the organization behind the Public Service Clips – filmed a post during Joe Biden’s inauguration in January about his absence from those videos, which Donald Trump did not attend.

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The spokesman added that he welcomed Donald Trump’s recent reports on the vaccine. A few days ago he really was Encouraged the American people to get vaccinated.

U.S. President Joe Biden on Thursday evening hailed the remarkable progress of the anti-Govt vaccine, which hopes to return to normalcy in the United States for the July 4 national holiday. More than 530,000 people in the country have died of Govt-19 since the disease began.

Salom Vinson PFMTV Reporter


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