Payon assumes her position, and Ajin understands hers

The song “peña baiona” sung by 12,500 Basque Jean Duger supporters for nearly a year is a great moment for any rugby fan. To see what motivated the Agenais when they got back on the lawn, the anthem also had a reinforcing effect on his Vincent Farré teammates.

Moreover, the Australian national team was somewhat flat at the start of the match. Louis Gauban even allowed himself the luxury, from afar, to score the first points in this Pro D2 season. Occupying the court, playing high-footed and supposedly pragmatic, Agin didn’t want to brag. Above all, don’t risk against a split ogre.

But the dam did not last long. If the Duputs succeeded in stopping Luamanu’s throw of a full iron (10) for the first time, in front of the physical superiority and controlled rotation of the Basques, the Sporting ended up in a logical bend. In front of Qasim Nafez (7-3, 13). Then it was Lafage, who was almost walking (17-6, 28), and finally Lumanu (39), a lucky strand after a massive penetration from Ravouvou that stunned Agenais. In the intermission, Heavy Man 27-9 reminded Regis Souness of men with very bad memories…

Realizing that the opportunity was missed, the Agen coach also protected his executives by taking them out early in the game. In contrast, the rower did not stop making his supporters snarl with delight and songs while playing all the balls. But small mistakes in the last gestures prevented the Agen from completely sinking. But let’s face it, Yannick Bru’s guys are supposed to wear their favorite costume very well in this Pro D2 Championship.

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Lots of balls got lost in the plates

After 20 minutes without seeing the ball Sporting had a chance to respond. But as in the first half, the penalty kick five meters from the Bayonne line did not do anything. Between Bayonne’s “Crazy Crazy” but more confused than he was in the first half, and Ajin gradually resigning, the match was losing steam. In the second half, Lot-et-Garonnais lost countless balls in rows, dimming their hopes of seeing them re-form their score difference.

On the contrary, after the yellow card from Loris Tolot, Remy Baggett made a great pass in the goal that full-back Duho (37-9, 74) took advantage of. Enough to guarantee the first paddlers offensive bonus of the season.

The notes on the Agen side are reminiscent of last season. Lot-et-Garonais fell against much stronger, both physically and technically. And, quite logically, the bill is exorbitant on arrival. The only comfort for the future, the opponent must not be strong every time. Starting Friday, at Armandie, where SUA will not have the right to fouls this time against Bézier.

Bayonne 37 – Agent 16

MT: 27-9; 12,500 spectators Referee: M Praderi (Occitanie)

Winners: 4E Cassiem (13), Lafage (28), Luamanu (39), Duhau (73); 4T Lafage (13, 28, 39), Ordas (73); 3P Lavage (25, 36, 56)

Defeated: 1E Sloan (79); 1T Lacombe 3P Gauban (3, 38), Dayral (20)

Evolution of points: 0-3, 7-3, 7-6, 10-6, 17-6, 20-6, 20-9, 27-9/30-9, 37-9, 37-16

Bayonne: that’s it Ravovo, Moskarditz, David (Lestrade, 41), Paget (Q) Lavage (Ordas, 59), (M) Roet (Venter, 56); Heiji, Kasim (Amosa, 65), Amosa (F. Tofivinua, 54); Luamanu (Mikautadze, 51), Galarza (Chapter); Musset (Talakay, 33), Van Garsveld (DeLonca, 51), Boniface (Berchod, 10 and then Musset, 63). Rimble. weather. : David by Lestrade (16-29)

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Agents: Tolot. Echevery, Reed (Ramoka, 45), Sloan, Guban (S)Dyral (Lacombe, 59), (M) Grau (Edgelidin, 45); Duputs (Martinez, 75), Lokotui, Farré (cap., Maravat, 45); Moreau (Vernet, 63), Vernet (Demot, 60); Ryan (Desmaison, 33), Martinez (Zarantonello, 51), Gion (Dobrat, 51).

time excluded. : Tolot (72, anti-play).

Match result: 12/20 – man of the match: Matthew Lomano (Bayonne)


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