Photo - Bruno Le Maire driving a Lamborghini confiscated from a dealer...

During an auction, Bruno Le Maire takes his place at the wheel of a Lamborghini confiscated from a delinquent in Lorraine, this Thursday, November 4. Discover this unusual photo of the Minister of Economy.

Bruno Le Maire driving a yellow Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4. You’d think it was a photo montage, but no. Thursday 4 November Minister of Economy I couldn’t resist the pleasure of sitting in the beautiful Italian car Able to reach 100 km / h in three seconds. The latter was just content to start it up and make it purr in front of the media on the spot. funny scene Which took place at the Cour d’honneur of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery in Paris on the occasion of the auction.

And no, Bruno Le Maire is not the proud owner of a Lamborghini. This is a racing car confiscated from a dog dealer In Lorraine on February 5, 2020, during searches by the Sarreguemines and Metz Research Brigade Gendarmerie and Interministerial Research Group. This little gem Approximately 150,000 Euros Part of a lot of special features It was seized from the perpetrators in criminal proceedings. Lamborghini plus over 300 other items – wine, jewelry, alloys…- It was auctioned at Percy for the state.

Eric Dupond Moretti is present at the event

Unlike Bruno Le Maire, Teammate Eric Dupont Moretti has stayed away from Lamborghini As journalist Aurélien Poivret writes on his Twitter account. After that, the Minister of Justice discovered the pieces for auction. He did not give up the call during his visit which – which”We’ll hit the criminals in the wallet.” Before the suspected unlawful seizure of interests determines that they wish to extend the seizure and confiscation in a Daily delinquency.

Image credits: Stephane Lemouton / Bestimage

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