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Britain’s most hated woman. This is how he defines himself Carla Bellucci, who has been in the crosshairs of social media fire since she had a nose surgery in 2019, got it for free by feigning depression. “If I were a flat woman with missing teeth, I wouldn’t suffer the same level of abuse,” denounced the 40-year-old, a former model who makes a lot of money by stripping off OnlyFans.

Bellucci, a mother of four, often receives negative comments – on Instagram she had to disable – from other women about how she rose to prominence. “I always call in the worst way, even *** – said Al Daily Star -, If I was a mom of average looks, would they call me that? I don’t think I’d get all this hate if I wasn’t attractive. There are people who have done worse things than I have done, but I am clearly the most hated woman in Britain. I see above all Obsessed moms who hate me Then they might be showing off all their “impurities” in a little bikini. Why should I be mocked for hot photos on OnlyFans? “.

Despite just returning from a luxury trip to Dubai, Bellucci says she cannot fully enjoy life due to the hateful messages she constantly receives. “I don’t get harassed by an attractive woman – Advertise – but always like flat, toothless trolls. Women always shame me: it’s simple, they hate sexy women, they are jealous and spiteful. ”

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