Polar cyclone hit Italy, strong thunderstorms for two days;  Meteorologist Andrea Garbenato speaks
Hurricane with arctic air From Berlin to London: In these hours a low pressure, full of polar air extracted from Finland, moves from Germany to the West, touching also our regions in northern Italy.

our application Andrew Garbenatomanaging editor of the website www.iLMeteo.it, What are the forecasts for this polar cyclone?
Because of this hurricane, the weather is expected to worsen towards Lombardy and Piedmont with rains and thunderstorms, as well as heavy snowfall, especially in the Alps of Lepontine and Benin, which are more than 1,300 meters high. Therefore, in the next few hours, the front, connected to the transiting polar cyclone between Germany and France, will lead to the expansion and intensification of phenomena from east to west, from Trevenito to Piedmont, with some heavy rains also in the rest of the regions. North and between Tuscany, Umbria and Marche. Severe weather will bring local storms, hailstorms, and wind gusts, especially north of the Po River, with the largest accumulations between western Lombardy and northern Piedmont.

Does the rain return to the dry northwest of Italy?
That’s right, and the precipitation will be a godsend against the drought in the northwest, a water deficit that has been going on for two years: about 500 liters of precipitation are lost per square metre, with this disruption being at least 80.

Will it continue raining tomorrow?
Yes, in part, the polar cyclone will also be the protagonist of tomorrow with low pressure eyes over Paris, about to cross the English Channel: from this position, albeit remote, it will still be able to bring the residual rain to northern Italy, especially until the morning.
Later, in the afternoon, the polar cyclone will leave the Italian landscape, concentrating its strength on the British Isles: the high pressure will rise again in our beautiful country, finally giving us a sunny weekend.

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Will it be a sunny weekend all around?
For Saturday, the forecast is for sunshine everywhere with highs of 24°C, even in the northern center. On Sunday, not to quickly forget, the polar cyclone will send up a turbulent front from England which could bring some rain to the north during the day.

A polar cyclone hits Italy

Could you have a trend for the April 25th long weekend?
For those unlucky on the April 25th long weekend, here are some weather forecasts for the new week: On Monday, April 24th, the Atlantic Front, which arrived to the north on Sunday, could bring quick torrential rain to the center and to top it all off. . Adriatic regions, in the course of intense fluctuations.
Liberation Day, on the other hand, will also free us from this modest disturbance by launching us towards a warmer and more stable spring: a broad anti-hurricane field is ready to reach Italy, let us hope only at the beginning of May. Already complaining about the subtropical heat.


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