Premier League: Capcel surprises Aston Villa with Watford, Trozard and Brighton wins

Successfully returned to the Premier League for the Hornets under Christian Cabachel. The other Belgians returned to the grasslands this Saturday.

To return to the Premier League, Watford and Christian Kapasale (Holder throughout the crowd) did not tremble. Facing Aston Villa, The Hornets The easy win at 3-2 was especially thanks to the goal of the former Bruges Emmanuel Tennis.

Successful introduction Leandro Trosart With Brighton. Although he was not involved in his team’s victory over Burnley (1-2), the Red Devils played 75 minutes during the meeting.

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On the side Belgian foxes From Leicester, alone Yuri Tailmans When named Dennis Fred Was on the bench. For his part, Timothy Chestnut Not on the score list. Against Wolverhampton Leander Dentanger (Loaded in the 66th minute), men Brendan Rodgers 1-0 for an inevitable goal Worthy.

Unfortunately for him, Christian Pentec Not as successful as other Belgians in the Premier League. In the last half hour of the game, the Crystal Palace striker and his team suffered a 3-0 win over Chelsea.

Finally, Everton beat Southampton first Benitez On the bench Topies. After trailing 0-1 after the first 45 minutes, the Mercy Club won 3-1.

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