remote control valves.  It's Not Yet Spring for Vanita - RC Vannes

Pro D2 (25th day). Vanes – Rouen: 28-31

Spring showed off the tip of his nose during the three-week long break in the tournament. But the return of winter temperatures reminded RC Vannes, 11th with 48 points, that she hadn’t secured her maintenance in Pro D2 yet. A win over Rouen (15 with 37 points), on Friday, at La Rabine, would have allowed him to move to the bottom of the rankings and reassure himself at the complex end of the Bretons calendar. But the team still has to deal with several absentees this week. Anticipating a big fight in the opening, coach Jean-Noel Spitzer opted to inflate his bench with six strikers, betting only one professional opener (Christopher Helensbeek) on the score sheet.

The first half to forget

Launched as quietly as the La Rabine crowd (once not dedicated), the meeting seemed to go in the right direction with RC Vannes winning his first touches and scoring the first attempt by prostitute Pat Leafa from the 12th minute. But the rest of the first half was something to forget about Blue and White ,

Which doubled the hand defects and estimates in attack. A misunderstanding between Curtis and Gratin led to a interception in the middle and a first attempt by Rowan (24′), who doubled the lead after ten minutes by easily bypassing Van’s lineup.

Taking all the points on their way to the dressing room, the visitors started the second half with a 16-point lead (7-23, 40).

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Tough end of the season

Then Jean-Noel Spitzer threw his entire front seat into the fray. The RCV scored a second attempt thanks to the penetration of the mole (50 min). The team seemed to want to rebel at the same time as the crowd, at the end of a game that was completely unruly or even too fast. Abendanon ignored goalkeeper Matthys Gratien with a free kick but the ball hit the post and returned to the goalkeeper’s arms. But getting off the knee of the Rowan player, he could not flatten. After checking the giant screen, the referee awarded a penalty kick for Vannett’s attempt

The bad guy was kicked out for 10 minutes (21-23, 59 minutes). Everything was still possible for Breton, but Helsinbeck came under pressure from the visitors, who scored a diversion attempt (21-31, 69). This time Vannes’ reaction, with a new test in

The strength of Bat Leva (28-31, 78 minutes), was not enough. Blues and Benches can console themselves with the Defensive Bonus Point. However, I’m not sure this is enough to reassure them before they go to challenge Provence and Bayonne or to receive the Colomiers and Aurillac. Teams that will have something to play for at the end of the tournament.

Spring isn’t for tomorrow at RC Vannes.

Certificate of Authenticity

Rule: Mr. Hernandez (Auvergne Rhone Alpes).

Viewers: 7716.

points. RC Vannes: 4 attempts, Leyva (12′, 77′), Bruni (49′), penalty (59′); 3 diversions (12′, 49′, 77′) from Hilsenbeck.

Rowan: 3 attempts Witt (24 minutes), W. Ndiaye (34 minutes), Majdod (68 minutes); 4 penalty kicks (17′, 30′, 40′ + 2, 74′); 2 conversions (24′, 34′) from Lydon.

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remote control valves: abindanone (cap); Dreddy, Curtis, Flush (Burgood 45′), Graten (Curtis 47′); Hilsenbeck, Sasras (Paiges 45′); Abiven (J. Edwards 45′), Bruni (Gorrissen 55′), Bazin; Mr. Edwards, Johnson (Leroux 45′); Parasite (Bourgeois 51′), Leyva (Baziat 51′, 63′), Abraham (Bordelay 45′).

Rouen Normandy: Lydon. Surano, Peleseuma (Lafond 65′), Luatua, Megdoud; White, Baska (Lezat 56′); Maximin (Vincent 63′), Mbablange (Maximin 72′), W. Ndiaye; Keri (Gero 55′), Lilio; Ndiaye (Tsuburashvili 63′), Bonot (Lesur 59′), Jakut (Asiashvili 57′).
Yellow card: Waite (59 minutes).

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