“Scary Piantedosi. Then Salvini…”.  From the usual clay Santoro

Nothing new from Michael Santoro, who has not excluded himself in his television revolution from the usual script recitation always anticipating the same dynamics: attacking the centre-right with ruthlessness, taking it out on the government led by Giorgia Meloni and then – if there is still room – to the touchingly insulting joke. So he was co-hosted on the last episode of Tuesdaya program conducted by Giovanni Flores broadcast on A 7.

Santoro v Meloni government

The journalist, having vehemently presented his theses against the shipment of arms to Ukraine, returned to the arena of Italian politics and sharply criticized the current government. “He does nothing differently than he did before. It might make things a little worse on one side“, is Santoro’s conviction towards the Prime Minister. He also denounced what, in his opinion, was the clumsiness that would characterize the action of the government.

Personal opinions are certainly legitimate and it is essential to get an idea of ​​the first moves of center right At the head of the country, but with intellectual honesty, it must be admitted that in just five months the world cannot be changed. There are two main reasons: the inherited mode is too complex and takes a long time to be directed to the recovery path; Available resources are scarce. Addressing the disasters of the left will be a long process that will only be judged at the end of the legislature.

Mud on Piantedosi and Salvini

Then Santoro went further and talked about the ghosts of communism Matteo Bentedosi. In this case, too, he missed no personal consideration of the poison: “It scares me just to watch it on TV, it actually scares meThis title could not stop at the Minister of the Interior and in fact shortly after the attack reached an address Matthew Salvini on the issue of immigration.

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A boom in landings on the Italian coast leads Santoro to offer advice (obviously impractical but only to provocative effect) on how to handle the arrivals emergency. On this point secretary league:”We expose Salvini in Reggio Calabria, on the pavement: they see him, they fear and they returnSorry joke aside, the punctuality with which we arm ourselves with so much sarcasm is amazing, hoping to be nice but ending up with such outings.

This is not the first time a journalist has acted this way and always targets the same political figures. In early March, in light of the tragedy of the migrant shipwreck in Kotro, he denounced “Bureaucratic coldness“and the”glacial considerationsPiantedosi. On that occasion, always Tuesdaydeclared that Salvini “When he sees immigrants, he becomes like a hungry lion who sees a flock of sheep passing in front of himThe tones speak for themselves.


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