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Koei Tecmo and Gust solved the cloudy joke today. In fact, you had a lot to do Blue reflection: second light الضوء to announce! In Japan, the game’s release date is October 21, 2021, but there is no date yet for the West. But at least the certainty that we will enjoy it too. The platforms are PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC-Steam.

Moreover, today we get our first concrete impressions with the first images and the first trailer. At the end of the promotion, you can take a look at the pre-order bonuses and the two collection versions of Japan. We also learn about the world and the characters.

A girl in a strange world

The girl finds herself in a strange summer world. Her name is Ao Hoshizaki. The three girls Kokoro, Yuki and Rinya, who have lost their memories as Ao, live in an isolated school. What is going on here and how can Ao live in an unfamiliar environment and return to her old life at the same time? In their explorations, the troops encounter new territories, strangely familiar objects, monsters and a mysterious force.

Yuki, Kokoro, Ao and Rinya.

On their journey, the girls will strengthen relationships with each other. This also has an effect on combat. Different things can also be produced together. The school also needs to expand, the demands to be met and the various events to experience. character designs By the way it comes from Mel Kishida.


The first trailer for Blue Reflection: Second Light

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