The latest news just arrived world of cans That Blizzard is already revealing new plans for the future. Here is a question season 4 of Shadowlands and its characteristics. And for once, this season will probably be quite unique as it tweaks all the major aspects of the expansion. A season that should come in a year and without competition.

PvP Season 4 of Shadowlands

There isn’t much news about this aspect of the game unfortunately, but this new season should keep players sufficiently engaged. An additional gear class has been added, along with seasonal rewards, titles, and combinations. But the address eternal gladiator It also appears for the most motivating. So the arenas and battlefields should remain the focus of all players.

New spin for Mythics +

With each new season, legendary dungeons are decorated with a new seasonal title. If we don’t know yet whether season 4 of Shadowlands Should one offer, a rather special rotation is made. The dungeons that will be made change slightly, with the addition of 8 dungeons from the last four expansions of the game.

  • Tazavesh: Street of Wonders
  • Tazavesh: So’leah . strategy
  • Operation Mechagon: The Heist
  • Operation Mechagon: Workshop
  • Back to Karazan: the bottom
  • Back to Karazan: The Top
  • Two dungeons Warlords in Draenor

At this time, the two fortified dungeons of Draenor had not yet been determined. community vote In Progress, allowing you to choose which items will be added to this list.

More challenging raids for the end of the expansion

In order to maintain some interest in expansion raids, whether they are the first or the last, Blizzard is hoping to add difficulty. For now, the idea is to introduce a unique title to change the mechanics and approach of each president. This would provide more difficulty, as well as allow you to obtain the appropriate equipment. These upgraded versions will be more attractive to players who have already completed the content.

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This new season is set to arrive after the classic duration of Season 3, and is supposed to get the game fresh before the next expansion. This will allow players to challenge themselves and get new goals to achieve. However, a Hall of Fame is not planned, so as not to add competition to this event.


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