Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96. Even in the last hours of his life, his health was in the hands of the master How Thomas, for him personal doctor Head of the team of doctors present 24 hours in 24 for the royal house. “He’s not full-time, he doesn’t have schedules: Thomas has to be on hand when help is needed.” Professor of Gastroenterology at Imperial College, Director of the Family Cancer Clinic at London ST Hospital. Mark, Thomas has been part of the Royal Medical Team for 16 years and took charge of the team in 2014, says guardian.

He has until now been the Queen’s official physician, a title that dates back to 1557. Sir Hugh Thomas is also a consultant at King Edward VII Hospital, Marylebone’s private clinic where the royal family, including the late Prince Philip, is often hospitalized as well. Like St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington. He was in the squad that followed Kate’s last two pregnancies, the wife of Prince William, who gave birth to children at St Mary’s.

Sir Thomas became in 2021 the title of Knight Commander of the Order of Queen Victoria, then said he considered his role a “great honour”. β€œThe nature of the work is interesting because you see how an entire institution, the royal house, works. You become a part of this organization and you are the personal physician to the main people who are a part of it, who are just as patient as other people.”

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