So gentle... Putin's lover reappears

We missed her but now we know she’s fine and we’re a lot calmer even though they say she’s lost weight. Putin’s lover after suffering (delayed) Western sanctions Alina Kabaeva Reappeared in public at the youth gymnastics pool A Sochi, a city on the Black Sea, where some sports stars spoke to the boys and gave them some advice. The news came from the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets Which, obviously, did not miss a long article in which he listed only the merits of the former gymnast.

Weight loss

Perhaps due to the emotional stress built up in this period which certainly was not easy even for a Putini billionaire, the Moscow newspaper itself was astonished to see it lost weight Compared to her last public appearance nearly two months ago when she was seen at a rhythmic gymnastics competition, she was still the subject of gossip on her face that the press declared “unrecognizable”. “It’s amazing for her”, wrote the newspaper, referring to the apparent weight loss, which then added that Kabaeva still tanned some details of her dress.

“Don `t give up”

During his visit to the school, he would urge all the boys present to “no Give up: Achieving your goals, don’t lose heart“, he is writing Prophet. Nobody in Russia dares to ask her about her relationship with the Russian president in order to avoid worse problems: everyone pretends that nothing happened, officially the two will not be together but in any case, we know very well how the system imposed by the Kremlin works. She told the boys not to give up but she and her family had to give in to the sanctions: EU entry bans and asset freezes. Not only she, but Kabaeva’s grandmother Anna Zatsibilina was also affected by the penalties.

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Hit her to hit Putin

The sanctions hit Putin’s private world at 360 degrees, which “Rely on her network of family members, childhood friends and a select eliteThe Minister of Foreign Affairs explained, les truss. “Their reward is influence on Russian state affairs that far exceeds their official positions” wrote Corriere della Sera. In practice, the dense network of family and friends on whom the tsar could rely had the role of power. ”for their eternal loyalty“Now, at least, this sand castle of wealth and power is finally beginning to crumble.


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