Sophia Tomala: Quick!  With this comment I shot Loris

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Sofia Thomala causes laughter with a quick pass on Loris Karius

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Well coped! Sophia Thomalla reacts to a valid question on a YouTube show with a perfect answer – at the expense of her ex-boyfriend.

Sophia Tomala, 32, is on cloud nine. The presenter enjoys the happiness of love with Alexander Zverev, 24 years old. At the beginning of October this year, she had a relationship with a professional tennis player for the first time With two photos on Instagram publicly and wrote, “I still have an ace up my sleeve for 2021.” You must give her!

“Date or Drop” Presenter in Liebesglück

After falling in love with soccer player Loris Karius last summer, the 28-year-old spoke via Instagram and said in a statement: “Yesterday, pictures of Sophia and I from my vacation were leaked showing me with another woman. Unfortunately, it is true that we have been apart for a long time. I’m sorry things are falling apart now and I’d like to apologize for that.” The ‘Date or Drop’ presenter confirmed the breakup to ‘Bild’ at the time: ‘It’s only there to say one thing: we’re separate people!’ From now on he can do whatever he wants.”

Quick-witted Sofia Tomala: “From now on only successful players”

Sofia got rid of the drama about her ex-lover, and now she can even shine again. However, she does not let her friends get away with it so easily in public. In a YouTube show, moderators Denise and Benjamin Walter, 32, presented themselves after participating in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? question. She also lists who was a guest on the show: “Tim Malzer, Smodo, and another volleyball player.” I forgot the name. “The number has been erased,” one of the mediators added, referring to their relationship with professional athletes. The entrepreneur reacts with lightning speed – and is particularly quick-witted. “From now on only successful athletes,” she resists and makes the psychics laugh.

Loris Karius’ contract with Liverpool expires at the end of the season. The future is uncertain. With Alexander Zverev, Sofia Tomala got a sports star: he is currently the best tennis player in Germany.

Source used: “KORREKT oder WEG!”


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