Sophie Davant: What are her relationships with former new partner Pierre Slade?

Sophie Davant, divorced from journalist Pierre Slade, spoke about her relationships with her ex-husband’s new companion, in the columns of Fam Actuel, Monday, May 17th.

In promoting his new book, All this binds us (Albin Michel), Sophie Davant captures her previous relationship with her ex-husband. Married for 23 years to journalist Pierre Slade, France 2 hostess has ended her union Out of love for another man. Now celibate, the mother of Nicholas and Valentine still maintains good relations with the father of her children but also with his new partner.

In an interview with Current wifeSophie Davant spoke about her relationship with Barbara Rikivoto, an Italian publishing and communication specialist, Pierre Slade’s wife since June 2018. “Things are going well, no problem. I am not a confrontational person at allThis Monday, May 17th, she said specifying that she has maintained a relationship “My brother too” With his ex-boyfriend. To the presenterThe deal is sealedHis Excellency the journalist, now residing in Rome, is the most important. “I couldn’t bear to know he was unhappy, that’s for sure.”She is proud that she was able to divorce without her “aggression”.

© COADIC GUIREC / BESTIMAGESophie Davant and ex-husband Pierre Slade, along with their children Valentine and Nicholas, are in the group Vivement dimanche in 2015.

Teenager saved from arguments

If separation from her husband hurts, Sophie Davant has made keeping her children Nicholas (27) and Valentine (25) a point of honor. The latter, a journalist like her parents and brother, remembers it was Immune to the torment of divorce, Then 15 years old. “We didn’t bring much arguments, they decided to separate before being torn apart, which saved us. We didn’t really suffer from it,” She captured us in an interview with Gla, It was published last February. In addition to her role as a mother, Sophie Davant leads her career simultaneously, between television, publishing and the written press. At the top of his own magazinePurdue journalist claims to be single, and does not hesitate to share her advice with her readers.

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