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Abers Road with Gaëtan Roussel and Raphaël is the luxurious duo for this third issue of France 3 Bretagne’s musical road trip. Watch the entire show in the replay on our Youtube channel.

For this third issue of Route Abers, singer Gaëtan Roussel has discovered Bréhat Island, Raphal’s sanctuary. An opportunity for Raphael to introduce his friend Gaetan Roussel to the Prehat treasure, both on land and at sea. View the full view on YouTube.

Recreating Abers Road with Gaëtan Roussel and Raphaël in Bréhat

“You’ll see, Bréhat is heaven,” these words from Raphaël on the platform of the Paimpol station give the tone of two days of discovery that she proposes to Gaëtan Roussel, for this new episode of Abers Road.

If he got to the island by a bit by chance, Raphael was instantly seduced. We have not yet reached the pier that the singer trusts for the simple reasons that led him to settle in Brittany. “In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than Brittany. Brihat is a wonderful and amazing place. It is hard not to charm the place.”

Simplicity of the moment, that’s what Raphael brings to two goals. With their boots and guitar under their arms, the two musicians will join Raphael’s boat at anchor. Speedboat and here they are on the boat on a trip around Brihat. The sea of ​​oil, the sun of Breton, the postcard of Brihat reveals itself naturally.

Gaëtan Roussel and Rapha inl in Bréhat, meeting requires a venue. The chosen location overlooks Guerzido Beach. Wooden balcony, stunning view of the sea, the two singers take a few moments to rehearse the songs. Five will be registered for viewing. Two by Gaëtan and two by Raphal, the latter thus being a cover for Georges Brassens

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Abers Road is a musical road trip that allows you to discover most of Brittany. Find the selected moments on the France 3 Bretagne Instagram page, and the first programs in the reboot.

Abers Road, France 3 Brittany’s musical road trip in partnership with France Bleu Breizh Izel and Armorique, supported by the Brittany region.


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