Sources - NetEase to acquire 100% of Quantic Dream

Sources say Chinese internet technology company NetEase will acquire 100% of Quantic Dream, and an announcement is likely to come this summer.

The company bought a minority stake in Quantic Dream in 2019 to “support [Quantic Dream] The vision to become a global multi-franchise entertainment company, and to develop advanced technologies and games for the future,” reported in press release. But now, it looks like NetEase will take 100% of the company. The deal appears to have been in talks for months, but it is unclear whether the deal is 100% completed.

It’s unclear why acquisition talks began, but sources have indicated that Quantic Dream has been eyeing a full takeover since Sony’s three-game deal ended after the release of Detroit: Become Human in 2018. Quantic Dream has contacted several different companies over the course of the year. Over the years, “Project Karma” – a space exploration game was introduced as the next major title. In fact, Project Karma will eventually become Star Wars Eclipse, which was announced in December 2021.

Quantic Dream has had its fair share of controversy over the past several years following allegations of workplace issues, including Sexual Harassment, Crisis, and a Toxic Work Culture. These issues have reportedly created a staffing problem in the studio, with my investigation into xfire It shows that the studio has had several business opportunities for over two years that are still active.

Although the studio has experienced controversy, the announcement of Star Wars Eclipse was apparently a turning point in giving the studio loaded ammo to continue its desire for it.

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NetEase is no stranger to studio acquisitions, as the company acquired Grasshopper Manufacture late last year. Grasshopper, the studio behind franchises like Killer7, No More Heroes, and Lollipop Chainsaw, has decided to “come together for the long-term through a deeper collaboration to create more quality content for gamers.”

People familiar with the deal said the current NetEase and Quantic Dream deal looks similar to the Grasshopper deal, with NetEase providing the resource support the studio needs to “resurrect Star Wars Eclipse.”

NetEase did not provide comment for this report but acknowledged the opportunity.


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