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End of first round of the DFP Cup at Waldorf Mannheim: It qualifies for Eintracht Frankfurt. Because nothing came together against the third division this Sunday afternoon. The best man Kevin Trap chose clear words in the analysis.

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They were knocked out of the DFP Cup after Indrakt Frankfurt lost 2-0 in the 3-0 division club and were the best man on their own goalkeeper field, then something went wrong at the Bundesliga club. The Hessians were thwarted by Waldorf Mannheim, especially in the second round, when only Kevin Trap blocked badly with the march at the highest level. What happened to the regular endurance game between the long-time favorite and the underdog in the DFB Cup fight? Is Goliath’s starting goal only a fight?

Trop talks about “great disappointment.”

“This is a big disappointment. Our clear goal is to move forward,” Trap admitted in a low voice after Sunday’s embarrassment. “We have no punch. But you should not miss this game.” The goalkeeper listed the shortcomings: “The two goals we agreed on came very easily after a standard and counter-attack. After a while we were eliminated. Then it would be hard for us.”

Mannheim actually bought the courage from Indrach. Having 73 per cent of the ball in Frankfurt was useless, they only led to some better chances. Waldoff Duels, on the other hand (53 percent won) and moving towards the goal (twelve shots on goal, Indracht came in eleven). Lightning-fast divisions Joseph Poyamba and Marcel Castley tore open gaps in collaboration with Dominic Martinovic and gamemaker Mark Schnauter.

Glasner complains that the game is “too slow”

There were several personal bugs on the Eindratch page. Duda looked bad, giving up two goals, and Martin Hindereker not only looked good with his yellow-red card. Front wind. Aside from the trap, Evan was only able to convince Ticca, the Frenchman to play the lead role. Amin Younes did everything he could to get Manheim off the defensive by slipping down his socks – in vain.

“We played very slowly and were very slow in moving the game,” coach Oliver Glasner commented after his disappointing introduction. Eintracht seemed surprised at times, and Waldorf was not exactly ready for the idea. It was the simplest way to pull the teeth out of the Frankfurt. Close the middle! Crosses can be allowed as there is no head-ball picker in the middle. For example, Gonzalo Passanzio, who can hold the ball and secure himself in the penalty area, came only 15 minutes after the second goal? Questionable.

“Roll your hands and blame us”

The absence of Plan B in this game is also noteworthy. Waldorf did not allow Indrach to run deep, so the group fought with bare weapons. “We have to roll our hands and take revenge on ourselves,” Glasner added: “We have a lot more to take with us. But we know that in advance. For example, Jibril Chow, who had only two full weeks of training behind him, should not participate for more than 90 minutes. In addition, the integration of new additions is not yet complete.

With Jens Better Hawk, the Frankfurters create another element that is about to be replaced. There is no such thing as timely vaccination. But with the help of the first records of the competitive game, one or the other can make the right decision. The next day (3:30 pm) before work in Borussia Dortmund, the Hessians are already boiling a little.

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Home Games! Is back

New players, new coaches and trophy: There is a lot to talk about in the new season of Intract Frankfurt. From Monday we will do it again in the home game. Basti Red and Yannick Hüber (Bild-Zeitung) from FB 2000 will be guests on August 9 (at 11.30pm and earlier in the Media Library).

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