Summary of Episode 1094 on Wednesday, January 5th

in a Tomorrow is oursNour continues to suffer in hospital while Angie approaches Nathan after he is crushed by his French teacher, François.

This Wednesday January 5th in Episode 1094 From Tomorrow is ours…Pierre (Laurent Olmedo) tells Aurore (Julie Dibazak) about his suspicions about Zoe. His granddaughter Sophia supports him, but Aurora sticks to her post: she goes to the notary with Zoe. Pierre goes to Raphalle (Jennifer Lauret) to find a solution. The attorney submits a request for interim measures to the judge so that Zoe can retake the DNA test. Aurora couldn’t believe her eyes. She wants her father to go back to Paris and leave them alone.

Police officers make fun of thieves

Martin and Karim on the trail of a photo thief. It turned out that he was in a wheelchair. He had a bad fall in prison. They are interrupted by a call to notify them of a new theft. When they got there, the mysterious thief shot the wheels of their car to stop them before they left on a red motorbike driven by someone else. The thieves manage to leave until Frontignan. At Jacob’s Hotel, Sophia attends Zoe’s phone conversation with a man on the phone talking about a big deal that will bring her a lot of money. She informs her mother Aurore, who doesn’t really want to hear anything.

Francois paraphrases Inge

In high school, Angie hopes that François will be absent. She is ashamed of the letter she sent to her French teacher. The little girl, however, is really impressed. Upon his arrival, François tells Ange that his letter was very inappropriate: that she is his student and she is a minor. Advise her to read the book love by Stendhal. Jack comes to console Angie, who is as single as him. He tells her that in his life he has Simon, a secret admirer. In The Spoon, Angie brings up a conversation between Nathan (Adir who was in custody after contracting the virus) with his alcoholic father. The two high school students approached. They discover a common passion for rap music.

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Noor suffers in hospital

Noor (Sahil de Figueiredo) finds himself in front of his always moody patient. “It was made for knitting the little girl who doesn’t care or care about an underwriter’s company.says the old man. Cedric, the supervising nurse, paraphrases. He then defends her with Samuel (Axel Keener) who laughs at her sweetly. Marianne checks in on Noor. Reassure her and advise her not to leave her. The arrival of a new patient: Mona is the one who wants to be tested before“Ride a tigerWhile George’s mother is afraid of needles, Noor reassures her. Cedric congratulates her on this job. On his return home, Gabrielle wishes to use the two hours alone with Noor but she has to review her lessons.

At the end of the episode, he encounters Pierre Zoe in the street. Soon, Bart finds the body of the patriarch on the street.


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