Summer, it’s time for ice cream but watch out for the cone tip: what it’s made of

With the arrival of heat, the craving for ice cream increases. But are you sure you know the conical head configuration?

In the summer, the desire to eat bland food Fresh ice cream It’s a lot and it’s the best you could ask for. There are many ice cream parlors and the choice of flavors is very diverse. Many are those who are crazy about the classic croissant precisely because they love to enjoy the last part, that is, the chocolate-filled edge. But do you know what they are ingredients What’s in it

How is the tip of an ice cream cone formed –

The answer comes directly from a study conducted at Utrecht University that reveals something we never imagined and didn’t want to hear. But what is this? Let’s find out together.

Why do we avoid eating the tip of the cone

The above study tells us that You should never eat an ice cream head Because it is harmful to our health. To prevent the chocolate from melting, Saturated fats that increase cholesterol are added And cause heart problems. Unfortunately for many of us, the rim is the best part of the cone, the crunchiness of the chocolate gives tremendous satisfaction but apparently only to our taste buds.

What’s at the tip of an ice cream cone –

The saturated fat they contain are substances found in almost all packaged foods and also in butter, fatty meats, and cheese and are placed at the tip of the cone to prevent the chocolate from melting. Saturated fats, when eaten in large amounts, can lead to heart problems and raise cholesterol.

Although chemist Bert Weckhuysen has said he avoids tipping for the above reasons, one wonders how many of us are convinced not to tip it again. The only possibility to impress the sweet lover is I recommend other flavors, So we don’t give up on ice cream.

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We can vary as we like, from classic flavors to very special flavors like salmon, foie gras or lobster flavors, but if just the thought of it makes you want to puke, we also offer you Champagne flavored ice cream or Viagra flavour. In fact, the phrase “Lick me, I’m delicious” – translated as: “Lick me, I’m delicious” – comes down to €38 – an assortment of ice creams for those who want to give their cone a boost. We conclude by saying that the varieties of ice cream are endless and among them we can find the right alternative for our taste. Happy summer and good ice cream.


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