[MAJ le 02/08 à 21h03] The problem appears to be caused by a translation error. According to several player feedback, the game no longer launches and displays an error message as if you don’t own it and it was a beta version. This in no way removes the peculiar nature of this bonus when achievements can be unlocked. You can’t win every time!

Sometimes the Microsoft Store is full of welcome distractions for gamers. Unannounced promotions or free games out of nowhere are just a few examples of what can be found faster. This time, it is the second category in question. In fact, the Ultimate Evil version of Diablo III Appears free for Gold members on the Microsoft Store. The information was published yesterday via the Twitter account:

After checking, we were able to download and play the title without any worries. Oddly enough, the game did not appear in this month’s list of titles or in the list of Free Play Days games. The release also includes all the content available in the game so far, including the expansion with the necromancer class. Still weird, once installed the title doesn’t make use of mentioning gold or appearing in owned games. Thus, it is difficult to estimate whether he will have to withdraw, but the situation is funny to say the least. Additionally, in light of the current press about Activision-Blizzard, every action of the publisher is in the spotlight. Each of you is free to decide whether you want to take the title or not.

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