“Take shelter.”  What is happening and why.  video

rain to Worms in China. County citizens Liaoning He was told to seek shelter after it appeared to start raining maggots. A viral clip showed the area apparently infested with tiny caterpillars that littered all the cars.

China, “rain” of worms, what’s going on

the video Residents are shown covering themselves with umbrellas. What is the reason for this phenomenon? The scientific journal Mother Nature Network suggested that the animals were knocked down after being blown away by strong winds. It was also noted in the article that this type of event occurs after a storm, when insects are caught in a whirlpool. Another theory suggested that the worms were actually the flowers of a poplar, a tulip tree whose flowers resemble wriggling monsters.

Comments and video

The spectators were amazed at the city’s current problem. “These are not worms or animals, but stems of flowers that have fallen from trees.” Another person claimed that the video was fake and looked like a joke. One user added “strange phenomena”. “What if I’m doing my business on a casual day in China and it starts raining caterpillars??”. A similar freak event occurred last December when iguanas were thought to be raining from trees in Florida due to the freezing temperatures.

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