Weekend weather: If the desert winds blow in Cuneo

If last Sunday’s heavy rain, moderate and continuous, helped complete the chestnut chest perfectly, the opening of the Brown Gallery found even little sun and pleasant temperatures of 19-20 degrees between the high veils. Today, Saturday, some other Cuneese and Granda spells will illuminate the highlands in the morning and afternoon, with maximum temperatures of 20 degrees with a new cloudy haze that will rise from the southeast in the evening with fog along Tanaro. However, rain is not expected, except for some isolated disturbances in the afternoon on the Ligurian highlands.

Tomorrow morning (Sunday October 16) at hill and alpine elevations (over a thousand metres) you will be able to observe beautiful spells with the plain obscured by low clouds that will open partially in the early afternoon and then close again late in the day. Veils will hit tomorrow’s maximum temperatures which, even if they drop by two degrees, will always be outside the thermal norm for this period. Apparently there will be no rain until Monday, although clouds will continue at the bottom of the valley in the early hours of the day, which will then disappear between afternoon and evening in anticipation of a Tuesday under the sun and with a new summer dress.

The reason for the “replay” of heat now considered obsolete is, once again, the thousandth ascent from Morocco of the “hot wave” (which also carries fine desert dust) which is expected to pass in our skies between Tuesday and Wednesday. . We will have maximum temperatures of 23 degrees and skies with beige shades caused by desert dust. New records of endless heat and drought.

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