That shared memory that who knows if we'll ever have

Dear Karioti, The noise that accompanies the approach of April 25 every year in our country, which this year also precedes January 27, leads me to believe that it would be better to cancel these celebrations. It is clear that they do not find a consensus among Italians, with the exception of the Quirinale Palace, where dissenting interventions are not allowed. It's sad to see this, but it's true. In 2000, 62 years after the issuance of racist laws, the Italian Republic established a “Day of Remembrance,” and this year its organizers shuddered at the idea of ​​widespread demonstrations against Israel, which the Palestinians and many countries accused on Saturday, led by South Africa, of genocide against Arabs. (i.e.) those living in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. We Italian Catholics, deep down, are all anti-Semites to some degree. After September 8, 1943, many supported the Nazis in their persecution of the Jews, and some helped these wretches, but the majority turned the other way… However, as many as 350,000 young American Jews were recruited to come, fight and die in Europe for their liberation. Ourselves from Nazi fascism. But you feel a little shy, right?
Alessandro Gentile

Dear Mr. Gentile, by not frequenting social centers and defending institutions, I think it is right for the state to have its rituals and celebrations, and although this expression is overused, I think it is important “not to forget.” But what you write is true: certain moments must work to build a shared memory, on April 25 about liberation from Nazi fascism, which would not have happened without the bloodshed at the hands of Americans and non-communist partisans, and on January 27 about The extermination of the Jews, and thus the right of the survivors and their descendants to a land in which they could claim to be safe. There is no point in denying it: we are far from success, and shared memory does not exist. However, canceling those celebrations would give a sense of the country's surrender to those screaming hate in the streets. We cannot continue like this, because the alternative is worse.

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