That’s why,” the couple’s bizarre diet

A couple shared their unique diet with the rest of the world. In fact, Eric and Jess eat animal carcasses, wild plants and fodder. In an interview, the two explained the reasons for this almost unique choice in the world.

There are just over 8 billion people in the world. The World Bank has estimated that about 719 million of these people live in conditions of extreme poverty, or earn less than $2.15 (2 euros) per day. Even in countries where life is cheaper, For 2 euros you cannot buy the food you need for a complete and balanced diet. The other bad news is that the number of people living in extreme poverty decreased in 2019, but Covid, extreme weather events and constant wars made the situation worse, which increases the number in 2022.

Those who earn €2 a day often have to scavenge in the trash or eat what nature provides, such as wild plants or small animals. A couple decided to spend up to $50 a week on food in supermarkets. And everything else he takes care of himself. how? Eat forage, wild plants and animal carcasses. This is a lifestyle choice Eric Joseph Lewis, 41, and his girlfriend, Jess Russell, 26. In an interview, the man explained the reasons behind this unique life choice – and it’s not just about wanting to save money in a period of skyrocketing inflation.

The couple who eat what they find

“I eat wild plants every day and grow them near my house, and also grow vegetables,” He confessed. As if that wasn’t unusual enough, Knoxville resident Eric Lewis adds that they also eat dead animals, including those hit by speeding cars. “I eat opossums and hamsters and marmots. All you have to do is get over the fear and the idea that they are dead animals. For the rest, you have to know that they had a free life and respect that.”. Eric is not unemployed, but he is a gardening teacher. In the supermarket, I only buy products that I really likeLike coconut yogurt, but a few years ago I decided to drastically cut my monthly food expenditure.”

Eric Lewis and his fiancee form a married couple who live in a unique way: they eat forage, wild plants and animal carcasses.

Today he grows fruits, vegetables and nuts, but does not disdain hunting and fishing. “When I go fishing, I try to catch invasive species like catfish, to reduce their numbers and restore balance in the ecosystem. When I’m not farming, I go to Florida for a few months. Here I look for mushrooms and set up traps. In search of invasive species like wild boars and iguanas, which I eat them afterwards, as I hunt coconuts and avocados and mushrooms that grow wild.When I kill an animal, I eat meat but I don’t throw anything away. I use the skin indoors, and I use the bones to make gravy or to feed my dog.”. A unique life, no doubt about that.

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