The customer gives the waitress 3 thousand euros as a tip, then thinks about it and asks to return it: it ends in court

€3,049 left on a €13 bill by an American restaurant customer. But the guy, three months later, has an excuse to return the money. But the owner refused…

A restaurant decided to bring in a customer court After trying to claim a premium tip, she deliberately left an employee of her own.

Mariana LambertWaitressAlfredo Cafe In Scranton, Pennsylvania, she was apparently stunned on her shift three months ago when she received something like $3,000 (3,049 euros) For lunch it costs only $13 (€13.21).

Scrooge client was Eric Smith Which he gave it to him – he said – after being inspired by an Internet movement called Advice to Jesus. Initially skeptical colleagues confirmed to Mariana shortly after the credit card payment was successful.

Speaking of her appreciation for the apparent kind action, the woman told local media, “It really meant a lot because it’s always been a tough time. It really touched my heart. I still can’t believe it.” I’m still in shock“.

But obviously The customer must have rethought it. A few days ago, a letter registered with his signature arrived at the restaurant: Appealing the payment and requesting a refund. This was despite the fact that the company had already processed the payment and gave it to Mariana in cash.

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And now we’ll probably move on to the classroom in court.

Alfredo Café Manager, Zachary Jacobson, He expressed bitterness about how the story turned out: “We thought someone was trying to do a good thing—he said—and then now, three months later, would you back off? File a complaint.”


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