The European Commission imposes sanctions to stop Russian gas supplies to Italy by the end of 2024

The EU Commission is giving a boost to four countries, including Italy, on the matter Gas punish it Stop till then Russian In transit from Ukraine by the end of 2024. It is a decision taken by the European Union that risks getting some member states into trouble as it effectively replenishes its supplies thanks to gas coming from Russia via Kiev, via the route that Ukraine will take. However, it will slow down at the end of the year, and will not It is then allowed to pass towards Europe.

The European Union stops Russian gas

The decision was announced by European Commission spokesman responsible for energy issues, Tim Macfie. In response to a question about the tripartite agreement on Transit of Russian gas via the Ukrainian route In fact, he confirmed during a press conference that upon the expiration of the tripartite agreement on the transit of Russian gas via the Ukrainian route, the latter will not be renewed.

In fact, McVeigh spoke of three or four member states currently receiving Russian gas through transit from Ukraine (Italy, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary, ed.), countries that will now have to find an alternative. In fact, with the suspension of pumping from the Nord Stream pipeline, the Ukrainian route is currently the only transit route into the EU, with Slovakia and Austria being the main importers of Russian gas via this corridor.

But Hungary and Italy also get Russian gas indirectly through this route, even if the future picture is not the same for everyone.

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Italy's response to the moratorium

Italy, for example, can sleep peacefully now that its dependence on Russian gas has decreased. This has been repeatedly confirmed by Minister Gilberto Bechetto Frattin, at the head of the Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, who in recent months revealed how Bel Pais was already prepared to announce the non-renewal of the agreement to pass the agreement. Russian gas to the European Union.

In fact, Bechetto Frattin declared that Gas stocks in Italy are very high It is also thanks to the decline in usage due to the mild climate in recent seasons, with the help of the environment that has allowed us to avoid the risk of supply shortages. Added to this is the fact that many Italians took action using alternative sources, electricity developed and the awareness of rationalization also spread.

Austria in trouble?

However, the situation is very differentAustria, which with the ban on Russian gas imposed by the European Union could find itself suffering from complicated seasons. In fact, from Vienna, we are preparing to experience winter with our teeth, as in Dependency Austria from Russian gas increased from 80% to 98% Within two years, prompting the country's energy minister to ring alarm bells.

Italy, in exchange for the little gas it took from the Ukrainian route, sent part of its gas to Austria because it was not needed in Rome, unlike its neighbors. While the European Union is studying how to completely get rid of Russian gas by 2028, the decision confirmed by McVeigh puts Vienna in a dilemma, which will have to search for alternative sources in the next six months. The debate is also certain to stimulate the upcoming elections, as the fall of 2024 will be of fundamental importance to the country's political and economic future.

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