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Although 2021, unlike 2020, was a year of reopening, what is coming to a close is the 365-day period marked by the pandemic. It is true that we are no longer closed in our homes or confined within our territory, but we still wear masks and are always at the mercy of infection. Inevitable situations They have also influenced the world of travel.

2021: A new era of travel

What brings 2021 in terms of tourism is A real new era. First of all, a series of amenities that we had to surrender to in 2020. At the same time, we still have to deal with a different, often very strict, security protocols. Finally, the vaccines that revolutionized the situation have arrived.

Vaccines (and the Green Corridor) first and foremost

At the end of 2020, Covid-19 vaccines appeared for the first time. For many of us, it was a time of rebirth, what we had hoped was truly the beginning of the end. However, at the same time, we were afraid that our turn for a vaccine would not come soon, and that we might have to wait until the end of the summer. Also to start traveling again.

Instead, around June 2021, the vaccines began to be widely available to everyone. In fact, out of safety, many cruise lines and tour operators have decided to require that all passengers be fully vaccinated.

Essentially, the vaccine not only protects us from contracting Covid in a violent way and allows us to return to a more or less normal life, but it has also become essential for travel: Many countries require it to enter If you want to avoid quarantine, others (like destinations we can only go to via i Tourist pathsWithout a full vaccination course, they will not get on the plane.

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Vaccine is a synonym for green pass, a certification that is now necessary to overcome national borders and gain access to many indoor activities, such as restaurants and museums (not only in Italy). Briefly, Green Passage and vaccination have become a minimum requirement for the traveler.

2021, the year of the green corridor and vaccines

Return international travel

Thanks to vaccinations, 2021 compared to 2020 new era. It is no coincidence that this is the year Great return for international travel (at least in part). After all, after the nightmare experienced by the outbreak of the epidemic, the traveler had a terrible fear that the borders would remain closed again this year.

While Australia, New Zealand and other popular travel destinations are still off-limits to international tourists, many other countries on the planet have reopened their doors. In fact, many Italians (even if the numbers of the past are unfortunately still far away) They have resumed extensive travel, wherever possible.

health insurance

The outbreak of the epidemic, the sudden cancellation of flights, the infection abroad, and many other unpleasant circumstances have taught us one thing about everything: It is always better to start with health insurancePlus, many destinations require this to be mandatory.

Fortunately, there are policies now available that include coverage due to Covid-19. An option that makes people feel, at least in part, that they are safer to travel, especially knowing that they are protected in case something goes wrong.

smear, thanks!

The age seems to be over, but it was only a year ago. We’re talking about when, often, we didn’t know what it felt like to undergo a tampon, and in some cases even freaked us out. Today, travel is required almost everywhere, and above all, it is possible to do it even in places where we never suspected at the beginning of the epidemic – although unfortunately the problems, especially at this delicate stage, are not few .

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But not only that, we have learned to get tested for Covid also for our own safety and the safety of others, especially when we travel to reunite elderly family members whom we haven’t seen in a long time.

PLF and self-declarations

One of the first news of this summer, when the tourism sector seemed to be starting up brilliantly again, pointed to the fact that many Italians bound for Greece had been stopped at the airport because they did not complete Translation unit, or PLF.

At the end of 2021, we all understood this: not only must it be completed to return to Italy from abroad, but also to reach many European countries. Anyway, for those who still have doubts: Here is a small and simple guide About how to download and compile it.

The importance of tour operators and travel agencies

We have put the year coming to an end in a position to rediscoverThe importance of tourism professionals, such as travel agencies and tour operators. Yes, because if before the pandemic we preferred “do it yourself” to organized travel and if last year it seemed like the light never came to them, today, thanks to hard work and creative solutions, travel agents I’m still here and It is needed more than ever.

At this moment, it is very important to plan the itinerary with an expert and with someone who will always be by our side during the trip itself. after every thing , The rules suddenly changeFlights are still canceled and Covid hasn’t stopped attacking. In case of difficulty, a travel agent will be ready for it find us a solution.

agencies in 2021

2021: The Year of Tourism Professionals

The spread of proximity and work tourism

That’s right, 2021 has allowed us to return to cross national borders. There is still a travel trend that is becoming increasingly popular: proximity tourism.

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Many still feel a strong desire to discover wonderful places a stone’s throw from their homes. It seems that many Italians still appreciate in an intense way what they find in their lands without realizing, as a consequence, the need to cross the border.

Others, thanks to the advent of smart work, prefer to travel in search of a more or less permanent solution: you start with your computer and choose a place to stop in order to work as well. In short, 2021 It was the year of the so-called work.

Trains boom and sustainable tourism advances

Finally, this year it led us to rediscover a car that we may have underestimated for so long: trains. And in these 365 days in particular, we’ve seen a real revival of the railroad heritage.

It is no coincidence that on December 15, 2020, the European Parliament approved the Commission’s proposal to designate 2021 asEuropean Year of Railways. Basically, we resumed train travel not only for the sake of the charm of the experience itself, but also for increasingly “cleaner” transport and, above all, for Strengthen our country too.

train year 2021

2021: the year of the train


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