The French Axon'Câble connects Mars with Earth

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Let’s take a look at the new technologies that marked the beginning of 2021. Today, let’s take a step back. The direction of Mars! NASA’s Perseverance rover that landed on the Red Planet includes advanced technology developed by a French company to connect Mars with Earth.

Mars is not like our good old Earth. This desert world too hot or too cold is constantly bombarded with only cosmic rays Mars machines on wheels Dare, right now, to confront him. It is still essential to be able to interact with these sensor-covered robots of all kinds.

After Curiosity in 2012, technologies have developed since 1990, by the French company Axon’Câble, Equipping the new probe for NASA. The company, located in Montmirail in Marne, has made-to-measure circuits and Cables of this precise interconnection Among the various tools built into Martian robots. ” Without wires that can withstand the harsh conditions of the Red Planet, there is no picture or sound “It is not possible to broadcast from Mars to Earth,” explains Emilian Fournaise, the space engineer at Axon’Câble.

« Our cables equip part of the perseverance robot, namely the device called the SuperCam and the microphones that are part of the French acoustic and laser beammeter developed by CNES. All data retrieved by SuperCam passes through our cables, which we designed and built in our Marne manufacturing facilities to control all of this production, including also the complete electrical connections to all equipment.

The various limitations on our cables were to control the very large temperature differences between Martian nights and days which can go as low as -150°C and rise to more than 150°C. For Mars exploration, a strong limitation also required us not to inadvertently transfer biological elements on the cables so that the rover’s instruments could make accurate measurements without contaminating them with particles from Earth. Resistance to cosmic radiation that can damage materials was also part of the specifications. Subsequently, the reliability of the required materials was very high, because it is absolutely impossible to repair these communication systems once they land on the Red Planet. »

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But space is not Axon’Câble’s only field of activity. The advanced technologies developed by the company are widely used in industries Aviation, automotive, defense or communications. From the depths of the oceans, to the distant planets, its expertise in data transmission is globally recognized In the energy sectors, research centers or even medical laboratories.

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