The French want to continue their series

After winning the first three matches of the first round of Euro-2021, the French volleyball players will be looking to top the group against Latvia on Wednesday (7pm) and Estonia on Thursday (7pm).

On Monday evening, against a somewhat modified and revived German team, the French Olympic champions showed signs of physical exhaustion, multiplying errors in the reception against the German power of Linus Weber and Moritz Karlitsch, and in service, something more extraordinary.

Understandable body wear, meanwhile the Blues will play their 29th and 30th game in official competition on Wednesday and Thursday within three months. I hope that until the 34th match of this interim summer, which will last until September 19 next – that means they have joined the last four of the Euros as if they were at home in 2019 (4th place) – they can count on the new program with physical trainer, Laurent Lesina.

After two major competitions (the League of Nations in June and the Olympics in July / August), he was pleasantly surprised at the “quality of training and the consistent intensity” of his ten full-time work days with the Olympic champions in Belfort (ten of Tokyo’s twelve heroes are in Tallinn). To prepare for the euro at the end of August.

“It’s like Zero, Tour de France and Vulda”

From day one in Belfort, for the introduction of the French staff, he exchanged with the players one by one to introduce himself and customize the sessions from the beginning.

Used to play after a match every summer at the exam, French volleyball players face unprecedented tryptic this year. “It’s like Giro, Tour de France and Vulda. They won the tour, now we have to go and beat Vulda,” says new coach Bernardinho, a big fan of cycling.

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The Blues’ physical coach is hoping for a gradual increase in power during the first round, making it very affordable for the French team to reach a new peak in the final weekend of Euro-2021 in Katowice, Poland.

“We had a day break between the first and second game, where we pushed. That’s why they were a little tough against Germany,” said Laurent Lesina.

He also warns: “A big session is also scheduled for Tuesday, with four days to make up for it and the tournament will be much better and more decisive. It may be more complicated for some over the next couple of days, but we can see more and we hope for the pinnacle of this format.

Against Latvia, against Estonia, coached by Laurent Dilli Cedric Enard’s former assistant, the Blues’ margin should allow them to make up for two wins and a healthy quiet spirit in the 16th round in Ostrava in the Czech Republic.


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