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On Friday, a group of activists staged a 32-year vigil in memory of the Tiananmen Square massacre in Hong Kong. announced its solution After judicial pressure from the Hong Kong government. Leaders of the group, dubbed the “Hong Kong Alliance to Support Democratic and Patriotic Movements in China”, voted to dissolve it after the government had decided to dissolve it. Arrested Many of its members imposed heavy fines that would be impossible to pay to a group of volunteer activists.

For 32 years, on June 4 every year, activists have organized a large vigil in memory of Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, between 3 and 4 June 1989 by the communist regime against students, workers and demonstrators who demanded democratic reforms. Tens of thousands of people have attended the vigil in Hong Kong for decades, but the event has been banned in recent years, first due to the coronavirus pandemic and then later. for political reasons.

The crackdown on democratic movements in Hong Kong began after China went through a controversial controversy in June 2020 National Security Law, which took much autonomy from the city, which had previously enjoyed a special system of government and guaranteed many rights denied to the rest of the country. Since that time, dozens of people have been charged with various law-related crimes, and many civil society groups, including human rights groups and trade unions, have been forced to dissolve them.

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